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Tecna Direct Believes you deserve the best welding products and the highest quality service at a fair price.

We are your source for the complete line of TECNA Resistance Welders and Tool Balancers. Involved in the resistance welding industry since the early 1970s, TECNA has developed a complete line of resistance spot welding machinery for the industrial market, including single-phase AC and three-phase MFDC press-type welders, welding machines, spot welders, rocker arm welders, and portable weld guns. TECNA Direct also carries TECNA’s extensive line of spring-driven tool balancers. Weld Systems Integrators, Inc. has years of expertise with the TECNA line of resistance welding machinery, and is proud to sell, service and support everything that TECNA has to offer, including welding machinery, consumables and  welding accessories.


Recent Reviews
Rocker Arm 4644           5 of 5 stars
by Ben S.

After finding multiple companies selling Tecna now, TecnaDirect.com had the most informaton and knowledge to help me out. I have purchased the 4644 from other companies in the past, but none as helpful as this. They had the welder in stock and available to ship that day. Additionally, I sent in the parts I am going to be welding on it, and they set up the weld schedule! It was truly a one-stop shop!

TECNA 3327 - 38 kVA Portable Spot Welding Gun           5 of 5 stars 3327 Welding Gun
by Tim W

This was one of my first experiences with a spot welding gun, and it was so easy to use! Using the instructions that came with the unit, I hung it from a bridge rail system and balancer - both purchased through TecnaDirect.com. After making a few mechanical adjustments, the balancer was dialed in and ready to use. Our Maintenance Man set up the air/power/water, and we were doing our initial weld schedule development. The control was very intuitive and easy to learn. After a couple of test welds, I got our weld schedule figured out and made our first prototype parts. The gun is rugged and feels like it can last a long time. With the ease of operations, I am going to talk to management about getting some more! Thank you TecnaDirect!

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